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 Hovefestivalen | 2010

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ten favourite btvs episodes → faith, hope & trick

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Buffy Meme  [4/7] Quotes → “Just this once…let me be strong.”

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Okay, sarcasm over. You’re last up, Shirley. Dump your comedically huge bag and end this.

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Are you trying to Garfunkel me?!

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What was the issue with today's idea channel? My internet isn't running fast enough to stream video


it was just a very flawed video, in my opinion. the theme of the video was asking whether tv writers have a responsibility more to their characters or to their audience, and whether the finale was true to the show. it wasn’t a BAD video, just very flawed. 



augustus waters is supposed to be pretentious that is like a major element of his character development throughout the course of the story

he is totally called out on the fact that he doesn’t sound like an actual human being in the story; it is not as if he talks like a pretentious prick and then everyone’s like “yeah you sound regular” everyone knows he sounds like a pretentious prick augustus waters is not supposed to sound like a regular teenager he is supposed to sound like he’s trying to put on airs and doing it unsuccessfully

he is dying he is scared he wants to be important and he wants to matter and he doesn’t know how to do that in the real world of wheelchairs and cannulas and wishes that don’t ever come true so he’s clinging to the world of heroism and the examples of importance that those worlds show 

he’s clinging to that image of the video game sergeant who grinds his teeth and stares into the sunset and makes bold declarations. he doesn’t know how to be brave in a world where there’s nothing for him to stab with a great big broadsword so he’s emulating those heroes- the hamlets and the captain americas and the unrealistic page-turn sci-fi trash novels’ one-dimensional stock protagonists 

like, you can dislike the fact that he’s intentionally pretentious and not enjoy that (really important) element of the story, but you can’t deny that it’s intentional

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You named a bee after me.

You named a bee after me.


no, that was meg and jess. I had no part in that

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The only thing that matters is that we found each other, right now, and it’s the best.

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aroluna replied to your post “I’m being peer pressured into doing youtube. PEER PRESSURE IS BAD YOU…”


just bc i wrote a script does not mean i am ever going to make any videos



this just in: there’s a big difference between an asshole who is pretentious for the sake of being pretentious and a young kid who has cancer and is scared of death and of dying without being remembered and thinks talking abt metaphors and being pretentious makes him more important and uses that facade to cope instead of dealing with his problems and coming to understand that what makes him important is his love for others not that pretentious bullshit. please stop acting like there isn’t context to gus’s pretentiousness. please remember that people have flawed ways of dealing with shitty situations and shaming them for it and acting like it’s completely unjustified is refusing to imagine people complexly and have empathy and is gross and i know he’s a fictional character but goddamn just stop it man.

favourite character meme » six traits: compassionate [4/6]

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